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Saturday 10AM



  • Must be a V-8 or Straight 6 gasoline engine valve cover.
  • Dimensions may not exceed 10" height, 10" wide, 30" long
  • Nothing, including wheels, may extend beyond front edge of valve cover.
  • Weight may not exceed 10 pounds.
  • No moving weights allowed.
  • No engines or any type of propulsion.
  • Must have 4 wheels.
  • Wheels may not exceed 6" diameter.
  • No metallic surface may contact track.


  • Maximize 10 pound weight limit.
  • Reduce friction as much as possible.
  • Ensure wheels and axles are square and perfectly aligned.
  • Smaller wheels seem to produce a faster racer.
  • If using skateboard wheels and trucks, be sure they do not turn and run racer into the track wall.