Contest is open to the first 20 applicants, with 5 alternatives on a waiting list, should anyone drop from the contest.

$50 Registration fee is non-refundable.

Entry fee includes 2 VIP weekend admission passes to Mississippi Mayhem.

  • Round 1

    Contestants are announced individually and take the stage as their bio is read. The stage will be set with a variety of props. Use them to your advantage! Contestant should strike and hold 3 poses for 3 seconds. Count, 1 Mississippi... 2 Mississippi... 3 Mississippi... Judges will be looking for theme appropriate wardrobe, hair and make up, as well as, how well the contestant poses. Bonus points will be given for incorporating the stage props into your poses. After all contestants have been announced and taken the stage, the field will be narrowed to the "Top 10".
  • Little Miss & Mister Contest

    While the scores are being tallied to determine the "Top 10", the Little Miss and Mister Mayhem Contest will take place.
  • Round 2

    The "Top 10" will called on stage one by one for a question and answer round. Questions will be selected randomly by each contestant. A list of possible questions will be emailed to the contestants closer to the event. This is your chance to show poise and character to the judges. Speak clearly, make eye contact and be confident. Strike one more prop-free pose before exiting the stage. Judges will be looking for poise, confidence and stage presence. After all contestants have completed the question and answer round, the field will be narrowed to the "Top 5”.
  • Round 3

    The "Top 5" contestants will take the stage together for a final question and pose. Each contestant will be asked the same question, "Why should you be chosen as Miss Mayhem?" This is your final chance to make an impression on the judges. They will be scoring your overall presentation, ranking the top five to determine the winner.
  • Pin Ups Pick

    While the scores are being tallied to determine Miss Bombshell and Miss Mayhem, the "Pin ups Pick" will be announced. This contestant will be chosen by her peers and can be any one of the 20 contestants. Votes will be cast backstage by each contestant between rounds 2 and 3. The "Pin ups Pick" will be called on stage to receive her sash and asked to stand to the side.
  • Finale

    The "Top 5" will receive one more round of applause.
Miss Bombshell will be announced and sashed. 
Miss Mayhem will be announced and crowned. All 20 contestants will be required to remain after the contest for photos.


  • Each contestant must be female and at least 18 years of age and not have won the title of Miss Mayhem the previous year.
  • Contestants must wear a 40’s, 50’s or early 60’s “pin up themed” outfit or costume. This does not mean a slutty so-and-so costume from the Halloween store! Dresses, circle & pencil skirts, blouses, crop tops, capris, shorts, swimwear – 1 piece or 2 piece (modest coverage, no exposed navels).
  • No nudity, string bikinis or thongs allowed. This is a family event.
  • Contestants must have a “theme” appropriate hairstyle. Please arrive with your hair done prior to contest or visit one of the stylist’s booths at show; book appointment directly with Revolution Hair Studio. (Additional fee applies.) You will not be allowed in the contest if your outfit & hair style does not fit the theme.
  • All participants agree to act in a professional manner; any participant acting in a lewd manner (i.e. simulating sexual acts) will be disqualified.
  • The use of profanity during the question and answer segment will result in disqualification.
  • Nudity is strictly prohibited. Any violations will cause immediate disqualification and expulsion from the event. The only thing you should be flashing is your smile!
  • Acceptable props: gloves, glasses, hats, jewelry, small signs, parasols/umbrellas, small handheld items; all others must be pre-approved. Live animals are not allowed. The stage itself will be full of props. Use them to your advantage.
  • Each contestant will be given a number to wear during the entire contest.
  • All participants agree to be accessible immediately after the contest for additional photo shoots.
  • Contestants should be dressed in era-appropriate pin up attire. You don’t have to wear “vintage” per-se, but you do have to dress the part of a 40’s, 50’s or early 60′s era pin up girl. Don’t expect to enter if you aren’t dressed the part. Our judges are looking for this!
  • If you show up drunk or otherwise impaired, you will not be participating in the contest!
  • $50 entry fee is due upon registration. Entry fee includes 2 VIP weekend admission passes to Mississippi Mayhem.
  • Be cute, coy and classy!


The winner of Miss Mayhem will receive a prize package worth over $500!


Photo by Bob Noodle

$500 cash prize!

Miss Mayhem Crown

Miss Mayhem Sash

Free VIP admission for life!