Photo by Bob Noodle


Photo by Bob Noodle


Photo by Bob Noodle

All cars up to 1976 are welcome.

Pre-'65 criteria-met cars are featured.

To maintain a feeling of stepping back in time, certain restrictions must be placed on vehicles in the immediate show area. We welcome all cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, whatever you have to attend. But, since we are trying to establish a certain nostalgic feel to the show, please understand that only vehicles meeting show criteria will be featured. Others attending will be asked to park in the "pre-show", a highly accessible, yet separate area from the vehicles that actually represent that period of time. We call it the “pre-show” because it really is a show within the show.

How it works.



Complete the registration form below. One per vehicle you are entering.
Receive confirmation2

Receive confirmation

Receive confirmation of designated parking area.
Buy your ticket!3

Buy your ticket!

Purchase tickets to attend the show.
Pass inspection4

Pass inspection

Pass inspection at the gate to park in your designated area.


  • Built 1964 and earlier
  • No billet - anything!
  • No modern interiors
  • No modern rims
  • No low profile or raised white letter tires
  • No IFS on fenderless cars
  • No TPI/EFI (with open hoods) We prefer hoods remained closed on all cars displayed at the show.
  • No exposed driveshafts in driver compartment
If your vehicle does not fall within this category, you are still welcome to bring it to Mississippi Mayhem, but will be asked to park in the pre-show area. Only vehicles meeting these requirements will be featured in the main parking area of Mississippi Mayhem. Pre-show parking is reserved for vehicles up to 1976.

Pre-registration is open through August 31, 2017